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The simplest explanation of this operation is defined as the process of absorbing fats. This process for resistant fat cells that settle in some parts of the body allows the fat accumulated in the fat cells to be absorbed. It is applied for the purpose of liposuction, regional shaping and provides the desired appearance of the body lines. This method is not an obesity treatment or weight loss method. While people are in the age of development, they experience a continuous development with the effect of growth in fat cells. Thanks to the continuous increase in the number of fat cells, the person does not gain weight easily and fat burning occurs quickly. However, when the development process is completed with age, the increase in fat cells stops.

While the number of fat cells remains the same, an increase in fat ratio is observed with weight gain, and an increase in the volume of these cells, whose number remains constant. Although the person sometimes does sports and applies a diet, the accumulation of fat in these cells cannot be prevented. In this case, liposuction application comes into play.

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Having completed his undergraduate studies at GATA Faculty of Medicine, Op. Dr. Hasan Şahin received his specialization from Izmir Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Medicine.

It provides services in the field of aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients from Europe and many different countries of the world, and has performed more than 12.000 aesthetic operations on more than 5,000 patients to date.

In addition to craniofacial surgery, hand surgery and microsurgery, he performs body shaping and medical aesthetic treatments, especially rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics and tummy tuck aesthetics.


Hasan Şahin

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